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I was recently faced with getting an installation of kaltura video server running on a fully up to date CentOS 5.5 server. This sounded like a normal/easy

Javaimagephp All-in-one video/film editor or maker makes sense as simple to use app for video/film or movie editing and animations/slideshows.

Be sure to download the Kaltura MediaSpace Go app instead. Trim the beginning and end of your video if desired by moving the dark blue rectangles on 

Kaltura video as a service front-end application. Contribute to kaltura/kaltura-vpaas development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Kaltura provides live and video-on-demand (VOD) media preparation, subscription management and entitlements, content management, multi-DRM encryption, Download-to-Go, TV Player multi-lingual support for both audio and captions, and deep…

Kaltura Play 0.1.5 download - The "Kaltura Play" app enables seamless delivery of native player experiences from web or native app contexts… An integration guide for developers embedding the Kaltura Editor Applications (In-Video Quiz, Video Trimming and Clipping, and more) in their own applications - kaltura/kaltura-editor-application-guide A Cloud Foundry Service Broker for Kaltura VPaaS. Cloud vendors and cloud admins using Cloud Foundry can utilize this project to streamline accounts provisioning and management with Kaltura VPaaS. - kaltura/kaltura-cloud-foundry-service… Be certain to download the KMS GO app and not the legacy KMS App.

18 Feb 2019 After recording your video or audio file, follow the steps in How do I The Kaltura Capture program needs to be downloaded and installed on 

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